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    Fishing spots near Warwick

    Hi All,

    Over the coming long weekend here in QLD, we're off camping on a farm 20 mins from Warwick.

    While the kids are off feeding the cows, we'd like to get in a bit of fishing. Are there any spots nearby? What fish species could we target?

    We've never been up that way before so any info much appreciated.


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    Re: Fishing spots near Warwick

    Several dams nearby and the creek that runs through town has a reasonable number of fish to be played with. Google earth will give you lots of options.

    There are old stories about Rainbow trout releases in Spring Creek which is very close to you......I heard from a very reputable source that they still exist in the upper reaches about 8 years ago......I hope they survived the drought back then.

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    Re: Fishing spots near Warwick

    Thanks Tunaticer, we'll take the fly rods with a bit of a flick around.

    Any idea what other fish species we come across?


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    Re: Fishing spots near Warwick

    @ tunaticer,

    Rainbow trout? I could be wrong but dont they like colder waters like that of the snowies, lake Jindabyne, I'm aware there is a rainbow trout farm in Tumut, NSW and another possibly in Armidale - New England Region (I think).


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    Re: Fishing spots near Warwick

    Sorry no trout around Warwick. You might find some around Tenterfield, lived in and around Warwick last 40 years haven't heard of trout being caught.

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    Re: Fishing spots near Warwick

    I have caught small rainbows at a spot near Warwick although that was about 7 years ago so not too sure if they are still there.

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    Re: Fishing spots near Warwick

    Plenty of carp aparently in the main river there lol as well as yellowbellys

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    Re: Fishing spots near Warwick

    @ kell66,

    Yep, I'm sure there is down Tenterfield way, its a bit cooler.


    Probably big floods would have washed them away i.e. if there were any remaining.

    @ nathank92,

    Carp everywhere, I reckon there should be more regular carp buster programmes throughout the year for these pests.


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    Re: Fishing spots near Warwick

    One weekend i wanna drive the 2hr drive just to go carp bustin lol

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