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Thread: fly tying kit

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    fly tying kit

    im interested in start tying my own flies but im after a fly tying kit with all the tools ect ive been looking on the net and the price variety is huge i just dont wanna buy one to find out its crap or i only got half the tools i need. does anyone know of a good place like website or store to buy one from bris or gold coast for the stores.

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    Re: fly tying kit

    Go to the tacklewarehoues cooparoo as ask for Gordon Mcdonald he can set you up and tell you what you need and dont need to start you off tieing,i used a cheap sunrise vice for 10years before i got a good one,have fun cheers chris.

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    Re: fly tying kit

    hey mate give me a holla have some vices and tools and materials if u like them

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