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    'New posts' and 'log out' buttons

    Is it possible to separate the New Posts and Log Out buttons on the home page. With my thick fingers on the ipad it is all to easy to hit the Log Out button!


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    Re: 'New posts' and 'log out' buttons

    ??? On my iPad log out is at the very top right and new posts on the left under forums heading.

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    Re: 'New posts' and 'log out' buttons

    Logout is on top right and New Posts is on left under blue nag bar, see screen shot.

    Can you post a screen shot of yours
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    Re: 'New posts' and 'log out' buttons

    I normally go to and then hit the 'new posts' button as per this screenshot

    Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 7.57.25 AM.jpg

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    Re: 'New posts' and 'log out' buttons

    Try clicking the new posts button under the ausfish logo instead of where you have been going.......a whole lot safer for you.

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    Re: 'New posts' and 'log out' buttons

    Ha, never even noticed it before . . . . .

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