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    Fishing fairbairn dam / lake maraboon info?

    Hi fellow fishermen,

    I'm heading up to lake maraboon in 2 weekends time, just chasing a bit of info about spots to fish, after yellowbelly mainly .I will be fishing off a ski and throwing a few pots out. Is it a simple matter of bobbing worms up in the timbered feeder creeks? Is trolling lures along rocky edges a waste of time? Has anyone caught anything in the open part of the dam?

    I know very little about fishing dams, any help would be great cheers,


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    Re: Fishing fairbairn dam / lake maraboon info?

    Hi mate I fished Fairbairn few years back just through the pots out for red claw caught a lot in the trees on other side, the wind picked up while over there coming back in a 12 foot tinny the waves were about a meter high did not expect that good luck
    cheers Craig

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    Re: Fishing fairbairn dam / lake maraboon info?

    hi all just letting you know how i went

    So last weekend threw out the pots on the southern side of the dam about 10k from the ramp. Got enough for a fews feeds approx 50 red claw used rockmelon and tinned dog food had traps in 3-6m. Caught a few good sleepy cod in traps also, i managed to knock out a good size silver perch on the jetski also. 6 Traps were stolen, and the water was insaine sunday arvo. There was a good meter chop. One ski boat there me and some mates helped load on to its trailier was pretty much swamped!

    Apart from the traps stolen and the weather sunday arv was a great weekend


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