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    Wet suit options

    Hey everyone, I'm just getting back into spearing but have never owned a wet suit, I'm on the sunny coast but also dive up in Bowen, can anyone recommend a brand or good place to buy from around the sunny coast?

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    Re: Wet suit options

    Spearfishing dot com dot au
    Omer, Picasso Etc have a browse and see what's in your budget. Great service there.

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    Re: Wet suit options

    Have had a Picasso Open Cell, good suit. Currently have a RA camo suit also good, nylon on nylon. Kept getting a free wax as I'd forget the soap at home, hence went for Nylon for my latest suit.

    As above Adreno, but they are pricey!

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    Re: Wet suit options

    very happy with my wettie wetsuit from NZ. google wettie NZ and ask for a quote. worked out cheaper even with postage than buying in Oz. they take your measurements and mine fitted perfectly

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    Re: Wet suit options

    Thanks guys for your reply, I took the cheap way out for my first one, I ended up buying a 3mm ocean hunter from adreno down at the gabba in brisy, only set me back $109 also managed to fix up my rubbers on my gun and and a few other things I needed,
    Now all I need is some good spot off the sunny coast that I can go diving... (I have got a offshore boat)

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    Re: Wet suit options

    good luck and post up some pics of your catches!!..

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    Re: Wet suit options

    Thanks Kato and will do, how ever you may be waiting a while for that, I won't be back near water for another month at least :-( bloody work!

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    Re: Wet suit options

    Check this out!.. mates video from a while ago of a school of Kingy's that came in to check out the action..

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