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    How big is too big?

    Hey guys,

    Looking at buying a fishfinder/plotter combo in the coming weeks for my FX SHO. Was wondering what size most people have on their skis? Would a 5 - 7 inch be considered too big?
    A mate suggested the Lowrance Elite 4 combo but I just don't like the small screen. Adding the XL9 gold maps card to it brings it to around $687.. For the new Elite 5 HDI with XL9 gold maps it's $729. Can even step up to the Elite 7 HDI with gold maps for $999. I can't justify paying the $687 for a smaller unit when I can pay the bit extra and have the convenience of a bigger screen.

    Also has anyone got any ideas for mounting a fishfinder into the cup holder? Screwing a bracket of some sort into it? Not really keen on drilling into the dash!

    Any input/suggestions will be appreciated!



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    Re: How big is too big?

    Hi Matt, I went through the same agony of decision and am glad i didn't go with the small screen. I would recommend the biggest screen you can fit the better. If you look at my earlier thread on installing the Raymarine dragonfly, you will see pics on install, regards terry

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    Re: How big is too big?

    Hi Terry, I'm definitely considering going at least a 5inch screen! Would prefer a 7inch just need to get some measurements of the unit itself. I just had a look through your thread, the way you've done it looks amazing! Did you connect it to the ski battery?



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    Re: How big is too big?

    Hds 7 touches going cheap a while back the bigger the better wouldn't go a 4 very small screen hard to read maps

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    Re: How big is too big?

    Thanks Schulzy. HDS 7 Touch is a bit out of the price range. Was looking more towards the Elite 7 for $999 with maps. Don't think i'll go the small screen!

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    Re: How big is too big?

    I ended up mounting a separate battery in the front hatch held in small plastic bin purchased from bunnings and sikaflexed in place, have to recharge after each trip. I would prefer to have the battery mounted in the back next to ski battery, however not easy to do. Originally i did connect to ski battery however i had a fault in dragonfly wiring loom which kept blowing fuses, Raymarine were terrific in follow up service and mailed me a replacement transducer and wiring immediately, so far all is good. In the end i decided i didn't want anything interfering with ski electrics hence separate battery.
    Not sure how the touch screen would work on a jet ski as the screen will get wet.

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    Re: How big is too big?

    Attachment 96310

    I placed the Elite 5 DSI unit on top of the storage compartment on my Sea Doo.
    Being so close, just underneath you, and looking DOWN , away from the wind/spray/sunshine, it is really easy to see and read.
    ( both chart and sounder.)

    Never have considered the 7" screen at all for this reason.

    But the second battery is already being installed because there is some concern that the original jet ski power system was NEVER designed to operate with an External GPS and Sounder drawing current.
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    Re: How big is too big?

    Hey Pauly
    Good idea with second battery.

    U been fishing much on ski?
    U going out on weekend? Iam looking for somewhereto go, to get out of wind.

    Mate wants to go sandhills. We will see.


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    Re: How big is too big?

    Not this weekend Greg.
    But by next week I should be planning trips again.
    Have you done any crabbing off your ski? I am making crab pots and a bracket on the rear box to carry them very soon.
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    Re: How big is too big?

    Hey pauly, send me through some pics. Would love to see that.
    We will have to get together soon for a fish


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    Re: How big is too big?

    I have this hummingbird 788 combo and have had it nearly 4 yrs, its great.
    great price too I got my gold maps for $390
    when you go over reef the bottom lights up hi viz orange witch is great for finding new spots, I have compared the detail of reef, fish, bombies, recks to my mates lowrance & my mates raymarine and they reckon mine is more detailed and better colours, they have the same size.
    but my gps graphics are very basic, but very easy to use, and has great chart graphs and easy to save tracks and spots.

    good luck
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