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    Firstly, not sure if this is in the right place so please feel free to move it.

    Got bored at work so thought I'd try archery 2000 in the arcade. So the game is 6 shots with a maximum of 10 per arrow= perfect score of 60.

    How is the best score of all time 22985????

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    Re: Arcade

    Wouldn't be surprised what wombie could get, he owns the arcade!

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    Re: Arcade

    does wombie do anything except arcade

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    Re: Arcade

    I'm pretty sure he smashes the whiting on poppers in the pummistone passage aswell lucee81. Ben

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    Re: Arcade

    I am reading this post as well.


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    Re: Arcade

    Quote Originally Posted by wombie View Post
    I am reading this post as well.

    Hey Wombie, have you tried "Frip" and "Friv" . Give em a google if you haven't .

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