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Thread: 51 kg Cobia

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    51 kg Cobia

    I caught this Massive cobia a little while back on 15 kg line and a strip of Yellowfin Tuna as bait.rsz_img_0107.jpg

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    Re: 51 kg Cobia

    What a horse! I have to ask why you were using yellowfin as bait though?

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    Re: 51 kg Cobia

    Obviously to catch a 51kg
    Never having caught a Cobia you wouldn't understand.

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    Re: 51 kg Cobia

    What a monster,great catch,you would of been eating Cobe till the cows came home.

    I thought with that username ,you could tell us about bait lol

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    Re: 51 kg Cobia

    Id prefer to eat the yellowfin over the cobe...

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    Re: 51 kg Cobia

    "I caught this Massive cobia a little while back".....

    ummm, how long was a little while back and is that YOU in the piccie....

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