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    cracking start to bass season

    after a late night slept in and managed to get on the water at about 12 noon fair few car parked at harpeng rd (incorrect spelling i think) near wivenhoe .
    anyway paddling down spoke to a few kayakers they all caught a few bass one guy recons he got a 55cm bass after a while got to my secret spot using worms as bait bam rod goes off 38cm bass not long later a 45cm bass both released after a pic more fishing and more bass 33cm a 31cm . 2 big ones lost in snags and 3 more small ones also got a yellow belly . heading back to the car near dark threw a worm out near a snag 50cm catfish not long another catfish by then it was dark and had the fun job getting back to the car lol
    took home the 2 bass in the 30cm range :-)
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    Re: cracking start to bass season

    Good on ya, well done mate.
    Cheers, Doug.
    Love to use Preditek or Kingfisher lures or Viva Lures when I am out fishing.

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    Re: cracking start to bass season

    Good to see you caught a few & that they lived to see another day . Fished Lowood to Logjam Sunday morning managed 8 Bass between 2 of us , biggest going 46cm . Nice morning out in the canoe.

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    Re: cracking start to bass season

    @ Nathank92,

    Congratulations, your plan worked good to see you enjoyed the outing and caught nice bass. Snaggy territory up there, moreso since the big flood and excess water release from Wivenhoe.

    Did you stop off at the Pie Shop, got some good pies in there, if you time it right you can get two for the price of one, done that a few times coming back from my research days in Wivenhoe Dam and surrounds.

    Cheers, Bondy

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    Re: cracking start to bass season

    yea been there before top pies an i certainly know about snags lol got caught up on a big fish in them spent 15min trying to get the fish out but in the end busted line

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    Re: cracking start to bass season


    You planning another session out there?

    I'm going up to place some traps out for redclaw and catch some gar.


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