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Thread: New 4kg Estuary Rod

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    New 4kg Estuary Rod

    Just finished off a new Estuary rod. Customer is happy and I like the way this one turned out. Custom cork grip, Fuji SK2 split reel seat with custom front hood, customised CTS blank and Fuji K guides. He wanted something slightly modern looking to match the golden olive coloured blank. Took me a little time to settle on a thread pattern but I got there in the end. I tried getting the marbling to match the theme as well.
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    Re: New 4kg Estuary Rod

    Geat build ..Love the grips with the use of cork, Burl and variegated cork..Looks great

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    Re: New 4kg Estuary Rod



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    Re: New 4kg Estuary Rod

    very nice John , the cork work is awesome .

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    Re: New 4kg Estuary Rod

    Thanks for comments guys. Much appreciated.

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    Re: New 4kg Estuary Rod

    You do nice work John and your finish work is excellent.

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    Re: New 4kg Estuary Rod

    Looks great mate. Bet that would have taken some time!

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    Re: New 4kg Estuary Rod

    The grip took a little time. It was done in 3 sections.
    The finish over the marbling took a little time as well.

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    Re: New 4kg Estuary Rod

    Nice job as always

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