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    Cool Fresh water trout trolling

    Hi there, recently new to the forum and have seen some great content.

    I need some ideas on what sort of rod reel combos are best suited for flat line / down rigger trolling for trout in victorian trout lakes.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Fresh water trout trolling

    well I use a Calcutta reel and ian miller raider rod for all my fresh water trolling, the frog pattern Tassie with yellow wing's seem to be the most effective at the moment.
    Regards Alan

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    Re: Fresh water trout trolling

    Hi Magoo

    We do quite a lot of trolling for Trout down here in Tas. We use a med/soft action rod of about 6 ft matched with a 2500 size reel and loaded with 6lb braid. I then use a rod length of Sunline shooter fluro through to the lure. So to answer your question any 6ft basic combo with 2500 reel will do the job.

    All the best

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    Re: Fresh water trout trolling

    these boys' know trolling for trout. at least in north america, anyway. but i suppose trout are like people- pretty much the same the world over.
    what kind of trout do you have?
    what size do they get?
    how deep are your lakes?
    what kinds of forage fish do you have?

    i have a bit of success trolling here in the states, let me know what you're looking at and i can tell you what i do in similar situations.
    heck, i guess i didn't know you had trout down under!
    standing on a bridge
    watching water rushing under-
    neath it must have been much harder
    when there was no bridge just water

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