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    Beach fishing Ekka holidays


    I am wondering on some really good Beach fishing/Camping spots for the upcoming ekka Holidays. I have got 3 days off. I want it to be withing 5 or 6 hours of Brissy. Good camping spots near. Waterfront would be good. Im chasin anythin thats biting really. Young fella is keen on catchin something.


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    Re: Beach fishing Ekka holidays

    5 or 6 hours certainly gives you ample choice for locations, where to start though?
    There are a few places I would not pass up even though they are nowhere near 5 or 6 hours away.
    The northern end of Moreton Island has some great spots for this time of the year.

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    Re: Beach fishing Ekka holidays

    coffs harbour ? iluka yamba all good spots ive heard of

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    Re: Beach fishing Ekka holidays

    Just spent 3 days mid week down at north Curragee ( south straddie ) no one else there 3 days of piece & quiet . Open fire / fishing / Rumbos = good time .

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    Re: Beach fishing Ekka holidays

    Diggers Camp near Wooli. Sandon near Maclean.

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    Re: Beach fishing Ekka holidays

    Can't go pass blue dolphin caravan park at yamba especially if you don't have a boat

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