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    upper bris river vs wivenhoe dam

    couple months time im goin to enter the bass / yellow belly comp but not sure where i should fish ive fished wivenhoe a few times n caught either nothing or catfish. went to hinze dam while back with a mate learnt alot about bass now im wondering should i fish the bris river instead of wivenhoe for bass ? where is a place to put a kayak in near fernvale some guy a while back on a random site i was on was braggin about catching alot of bass in the river

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    Re: upper bris river vs wivenhoe dam

    Some good Yellas being caught in the dam at the moment. You will get good fish in either spot if you put the work in. Just remember the river is closed to Bass fishing until the 1 st of September. For access to the river, try Twin Bridges, Harping Rd or Shines Rd & please take all rubbish with you, we want to stay on the right side of the land holders who ajoin these access points. Good luck.

    Cheers Andrew

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    Re: upper bris river vs wivenhoe dam

    yea man i respect all land owners and fellow fisherman angtips on catchin yellow belly

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    Re: upper bris river vs wivenhoe dam

    Info o Brisbane River at also has a map showing access points.

    Some videos of river at
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