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    freshwater poppers

    just brought a few poppers never used them before whats the best technique to use them also i read i should use mono instead of braid for poppers. and do i tie it straight to my main line or do i have a leader tied

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    Re: freshwater poppers

    Braid main, with a mono or fluro leader of a rod length or so. Use a loop knot of some varient for the lure to leader connection. Re technique, cast out long, let it settle for a 20 count, then short jab on the rod to give a pop, then wait again for a 5 count and so on and so on. If you get no love, then slow it down a bit more (7 or 8 count), if you still get no love slow it down even further. If no love then try a couple of quicker pops then a long pause. You usually get hit on the first movement after the pause.

    I have had a barra stalk a popper for 20m and I had to slow the popping down to almost 30 seconds puase before it exploded on the popper.

    Once you do get some love by popping, you will want no other technique.

    Also I usually do best at first light and last light into early night.

    have fun.

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    Re: freshwater poppers

    thanks appolo i wanna get a bass on a popper soon at wivenhoe dam

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