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    Question Somerset Dam in winter

    A mate and I are thinking about taking the boys camping for the weekend and the safari tent set ups at Somerset are pretty appealing as the youngest of the three boys has never been 'proper' camping and we are a bit worried about how he will take to it.

    I'm ridiculously out of my depth when it comes to freshwater fishing, I've done plenty of cod and yellowbelly fishing in Yetman as a younger bloke, but that's it.

    Is Somerset worth packing the fishing rods or redclaw traps?? We will take up my 4.2m tinny so we will be mobile, but if its not worth the hassle we will just go up, have a camp fire and let the boys go feral while their mums go shopping.

    Any info would be much appreciated, or alternatives, we just want the kids to have fun but fish and/ or redclaw would be a nice bonus.

    Cheers all.

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    Re: Somerset Dam in winter

    There is still plenty of redclaw around not sure on the fishing tho

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    Re: Somerset Dam in winter

    Thanks mate, good to know

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    Re: Somerset Dam in winter


    My young bloke and his mates were there all of last week. Had 4 pots in, checked them twice a day and only got about half a dozen red claw for the week. Fish have been a bit scarce as well. Cold weather might have shut them down.

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    Re: Somerset Dam in winter

    Shane, there will be a group of us there on the weekend camping, fishing, claw etc. Always a good weekend. Some times the fish are on the chew, sometimes not. Usually there is a feed of claw. Worth taking the tinny, always.

    We camp near the boat ramp not far from the safari tents.


    Most of my Money is spent on Booze and Fishin.
    The Rest is just Wasted!
    To The Shed.............

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    Re: Somerset Dam in winter

    Just look for the bright glow of a night .......
    Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day !
    Teach him how to fish
    & he will sit in a boat - & drink beer all day!

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