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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Quote Originally Posted by rosco1974 View Post
    going over tomorrow for a look,will let ya's know how I go
    Cheers mate I'm goin out Sunday

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    I gave the trolling boards a go and failed. They just kept spinning in big circles and popping back to the surface. I'm looking at downriggers now, any thoughts?

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    mate your line to you spoon from te paravains was crooked to get that happin to the paravain,everything has to run in a straight line... did you use the middle hole on the paravain...there is another tip I can give ya which I forgot in my how to use..i file a little groove in the back of the paravain from the middle hole to the back,bout 2mm deep..this helps keepin the line straight,we got a few macks but they where hard to find

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    I had a loop knot from middle hole maybe this is what caused it to spin I also have a swivel bout halfway between paravane and spoon. Spoon attached with clip swivel. The paravane is attached to mainline by clip swivel. This method is very intriguing and I will continue trying. Also should I adjust the weight on the front or just leave it how it came out of the packet? Thanx, Nic

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Paravane success!!

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Did you get a few

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    Thumbs up Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Well not what I was targeting lol , but I caught lots of these long brown things with heaps of teeth and a couple of leaping bonito. But still.... It catches fish, Haha. Gonna have another go on the weekend. I'm not giving up till I've landed my first Mack. My new downrigger should be arriving today to add to the arsenal as well. Thanx for all the help guys very much appreciated. Just gotta find em now

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    haha, gotta love the grinners

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Tried again on Sunday still grinners and bonito. I should buy a chest freezer for the bonito, good Spanish bait I hear? Still working on my downrigger technique. Still no macks

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Quote Originally Posted by rosco1974 View Post
    ,go straight for the best ones which are the yamashita trolling boards,
    Rosco - shoulda put that up in the great Yamaha thread
    You can't be neutral on a moving train

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Paravane Success!! For real this time 4 schoolies! cheers for the tips guys wouldn't have happened without it.

    Cheers Nic

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    awesome mate,found they are more active on the slack /smaller tides...

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Have to agree with schoolies staying deep. I usually head out to the beacons near the bottom of Bribie a couple of times each summer, and catch them on ganged pillies on the bottom while at anchor. A couple of guys at the Shorncliffe ramp on Sunday afternoon had a half dozen that they got at the beacons. Interesting though is that they tried different things including soft plastics and the only thing that worked for them was hard body lures.

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    I have been googling and you tubing para vane. Does the paravane form part of the line? Or does it break away when the fish strikes? If it stays part of the line how do you bring the fish to the surface, wouldn't the paravane keep it down there? Or does the weight of the fish change the attitude of the paravane and stop it from working? Sorry if these are simple questions but I would love to give this a go this summer.

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Yeah it's tied to the main line and when the fish strikes the Paravane just pops up on the surface (most of the time).

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