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    Trolling Moreton bay

    Hi all,
    Just bought a new boat and want to start trolling lures can anyone give me some advice about where and when is a good time

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    What type of trolling off shore? Estuary reef?

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Probably out in the bay I have a big enough boat to go offshore but don't really have any idea where to start.
    I'd like to chase things like mackerel, tuna and the like

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Great question . I really keen to hear heaps about this too.

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Makes three of us Mrnanks

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Well some general options for you, also do a search on here but they can turn up almost anywhere as well, been out somedays and seen heaps at top of peel and some guys chasing them in other popular spots havent seen one.

    Sure other blokes will have better ideas but basically Sept schoolies start to turn up, try Channel beacons, top of Rous and Rainbow Channel, spotties turn up later if they do,people start to get excited in Oct and they build up in xmas if they do get into the bay, same places. Spanish will follow around xmas to May try Shipping Channel or top of Rainbow, top of Moreton

    Northern side around Peel and Peel end of Rainbow Channel to South of Dunwich also areas you can come across schoolies, spotties, tuna occasionally,

    Search on here for info on trolling up the western side of Moreton, Channel beacons, top end of the bay works well but look at basic area from Sharks Spit in the deeper shallows up the western side of Moreton, just look at those depth lines and avoid the Green Zones etc, the green zone called the Paddock was a great place for them so that should give you some starters as general areas, but obviously dont fish the green zone.

    You can also drift around the beacons with pillies on gangs, throw slugs etc

    Also they will also turn when and where you least expect them, find the bait too!, if they are slicing through the water they are macks, if launching they will be mack tuna or Long tails
    Tangles KFC

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Inside the Bay it helps to get your baits or lures a little deeper if looking for Schoolies. A downrigger or paravane will make a world of difference. The good old Pillie on a set of 7766s works as does a Barra spoon. Look up some of Rosco1974's posts for details as he has the system down pat
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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Thanx for the tips fellas I'm headin out this weekend with a handful of xrap magnums and shall post the results

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    Inside the Bay and at this time of year I would be going smaller and looking at some way to present them in the deeper regions. Paravanes or downriggers fit the bill or small super deep divers like Rapala Deep Tail Dancer that hit bottom in 30'
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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    What do you think is better horse paravanes or downriggers?

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    my take, i use paravanes but they can blow out, downrigger no brainer, this season ill be getting one for blackspot fishing and also trolling
    Tangles KFC

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    paravains and barra spoons for me,dont waste your money on the cheap shit paravains,go straight for the best ones which are the yamashita trolling boards,bout 30 bucks a pop but will stay under even when turning ..the cheap ones will come back out of the water,plenty of school macks around now,mate got his bag in 20 minutes last week,troll about 4.5-6 knts with the current and against the current I run bout 3.5knts to4.5 knts...
    now to rig the parravain,tie paravain to mainline I prefer mono,tie a 1.5mtr mono trace around 40lb to paravain middle hole,tie a black swivel on other end tie another 1.5mtr of leader to other side of swivel then tie other end to 3 inch barra spoon..
    now how to set your rods,i use 2 set your speed to approx 5 knots drop paravain in water free spool for 6 second count the lock it off,then the 2nd rod do the same but count to 10....when the fish hit the paravain will lift out the water..another tip is start at the big sandhills moreton and head north along the 7-10mtr line.
    that's all I got fellas good luck

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    [QUOTE=rosco1974;1494468]paravains and barra spoons for me,dont waste your money on the cheap shit paravains,go straight for the best ones which are the yamashita trolling boards,bout 30 bucks a pop but will stay under even when turning

    What shop can I buy these in?

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    tackle warehouse cooparoo sell them tower bait an tackle manly have them sometimes and also mo tackle

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    Re: Trolling Moreton bay

    going over tomorrow for a look,will let ya's know how I go

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