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    Question Carp Busting at Warwick

    few weeks from now im heading to warwick either day trip or overnight i wanna go catch a few carp i need a few places to go also just use corn or try a few lures too or a different bait ? anyone got a few tips
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    Re: carp bustin warwik

    They will take corn or worms

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    mate anywhere in the Condamine river theres carp

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    is it worth taking the kayak and goin for a paddle

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    yer mate I don't see why not I got 3 Saturday morning when I was targeting yellowbelly

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    never actually caught a yellow belly lol. wat baits did u use

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    yella's love crayfish or shrimp mate, even just garden worms

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    lol since i posted this i lost my yellowbelly virginity targetting bass in bris river :-)

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    @ Nathank92

    I caught those pesky carp on garden worms when targetting silver perch and yellowbelly. I was using a float rig, rig was closer to the bank near weeds.

    I tried spinnerbaits, 3 different types, never had any success on spinner baits.

    I was at Nobby Creek, on the way to Warwick. Nobby creek runs through farming land, there's a small section of public land but blink and you miss it.

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    Try the picnic area at Leslie Dam. Last time I was there you could have walked across the water the carp were that thick. Good luck on culling a few.

    Cheers Andrew

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    @ Andrew M

    I could do with fresh fertiliser for my garden, What's the bank like at the picinic area at Leslie Dam? Is it steep drop, flat at the edge or shallow angle drop?

    Cheers, Bondy

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    From memory Bondy, I think there was a bit of a drop into the water. I remember looking down onto the school of fish from the bank.

    Cheers Andrew

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    Re: Carp Busting at Warwick

    Thanks for that info Andrew, I'll have to invest in a landing net with a long pole or make a long pole. Carp can fight hard, especially using light line.

    Cheers, Bondy

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