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    by catch

    I knew they hung around these places but finally scored one on a well presented snapper bait. 10kg mainline and a pretty short tussle of about 10 minutes and was released to fight another day. I don`t like the taste and did n`t have an esky half as big to put the big girl in.Off she went back to the depths but took a bit of swimming, not sure on weight but over 30lb I would think.
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    Re: by catch

    some other recent pics. Bream off the wharf the last full moon goin nuts.

    the coloured fish are from a recent trip to 1770 with Jarhead .
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    Re: by catch

    Some nice fish there Andrew, keep up the good work.

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    Re: by catch

    Nice jewie Muz, Am lookn forward to gettn back up that way!


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    this week is looking the goods Wal , went out this arvo and was quite fishable with the southeaster @ 10-15 knots.
    few reports of 7kg jobs from redcliffe way. water looks nice and fishy. I`m off this week lmk if ya heading out.

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