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    Lake Tinaroo fishing options

    My wife and I will be in Australia for our honeymoon in early October. We'll be fishing around Hinchinbrook for a few days, but I was wondering what options there were for a couple of folks looking to spend a few hours fishing for about anything during the time we're in Yungaburra. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Lake Tinaroo fishing options

    Gooday 83467,

    How about some Red Claw Crayfish.

    They are usually on in the Dam and are a good change from fish.

    Sus out a local fisher/person whilst you are up there and I am pretty sure you will score a ride.

    Fuel and a bottle of Bundy will probably get you a ride. And I recon everyone who fishes there will have the appropriate traps.

    We have got them in good numbers previously in a little bay not far from Yungaburra.
    20 Feet of water @ 17 14.513s. 145 33.849e.

    It is a couple of years since we were there but all the other Dams we have been to lately have had good numbersof crays.

    Like to hear how you get on.

    Have fun Haji-Baba

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    Re: Lake Tinaroo fishing options

    Thanks, Haji! I had to look up Bundy, but that sounds like a great option! Even better would be sharing the bottle while you eat the crayfish I bet!! Used to catch "crawdad" (our version) as a kid, but don't have them here where we live in Idaho.

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    Re: Lake Tinaroo fishing options

    There is a few charter boat operators up at the dam if you dont have a boat..

    Tinnaroo is the home of the world record barra from memory..


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    Re: Lake Tinaroo fishing options

    Hey 83467, Your mail box is full. Might send you a pm. if you can clear it.

    Haji - Baba

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    Re: Lake Tinaroo fishing options

    Sorry about that; just cleared it Haji

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    Re: Lake Tinaroo fishing options

    The barramundi are great to catch at Tinaroo and can be caught early morning of the boat ramp (pre dawn) if no boat available.

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    Re: Lake Tinaroo fishing options

    Thanks for the info, Barraboss. Although it may be just bride loves to fish, but those early mornings are hard on her. Anything else that can be caught on lighter tackle for someone with a few hours to kill?

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    Re: Lake Tinaroo fishing options

    Hey 83467, Just another interest whilst you are in the area and realising you are a woodworker as well, take a visit to the "Rainforest Gallery" in Yungaburra and the "Tolga Wood Works" at Tolga.

    If they are still operating you will not see better woodwork and craft than in both those Galleries.

    It is a couple of years since we were there and I hope both are still operating.

    And while you are there spend a little time in "Atherton". Probably my fovorite town in all Queensland. Great climate and the farmland will grow anything.

    Enjoy Haji-Baba.

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