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    Buying pink things.

    Hi guys,

    Sold my fly tying gear when I moved up North (silly I know), so I'm looking at buying a few pink things online, troutflies sell some with just a 3/0 hook, is that big enough from your experience? Otherwise anywhere you'd recommend?

    Also keen to hear what people are using for leader/tippet, fishing in Tinaroo so there's very little visibility, so I was thinking a couple meters of 60lb jinkai as leader and tippet? Big casts not required.



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    Re: Buying pink things.

    Nick, try TieNFly as they have a good range and are of good quality. I use 3/0-6/0 depending on size of fish and 40-60lb leader. I use a tapered leader (60-40-30 with a 30cm 60lb bight tippet) in clearer water and straight through 60 (1.5m) in snags and dams.


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    Re: Buying pink things.

    Gold thank you Steve

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    Re: Buying pink things.

    Nick, have a look here as a few members reside up your way.

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    Re: Buying pink things.

    That didn't work too well - Search the www . salt water fly fishing . com . au - (without the spaces)

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    Re: Buying pink things.

    Thanks wags, tienfly don't sell them unfortunately but found them at a pretty good price elsewhere with 3/0 hooks. My wife loves fly fishing so figure we'll chase tilapia and maybe a few barra.

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    Re: Buying pink things.

    Where'd you end up getting them Nicko? Ive only found them to 2/0 around town

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    Re: Buying pink things.

    a1 fly fishing . com . au

    Quote Originally Posted by scuttlebutt View Post
    Where'd you end up getting them Nicko? Ive only found them to 2/0 around town

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