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    first bass

    went to hinze dam yesterday with stone hunting for my first bass bit of a slow start and nice chilly morning no wind beautiful sunny day trawling along for a bit then bam rod goes off here i sit winding it in fish turns goes for a run and keeps going and going thought i lost it kept winding still on got it to the boat successfully landed my first bass :-) few pics and tagged it was released :-) a while later bam other rod goes off this one was more lazy straight to the boat tagged n released again . then we found a school on the sounderso we stopped and used worms they were gettin eaten like hot cakes change of hook and one finally got on got it in the boat looked like a juvinile bass / perch few pics n released . we thought it was a bass but it had stripes. got told it was actually a grunter . more trawling landed a 3rd bass overall a successful day :-)

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    Re: first bass

    congratulations on the 1st bass , with many more to follow

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    Re: first bass

    Congrats on your first Bass. You trawl a net and you troll a lure.

    I fish because the little voices in my head tell me to

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    Re: first bass

    those banded grunter can be a pain if you're bait fishing. Some of the big bass will eat them, but because they can breed in freshwater, they are out of control. I caught some good bass at Maroon Dam last week. There is a Bluefin Lake Maroon Fishing Classic on 15-17 Nov. Great prizes too.

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