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Thread: Shimano Terez

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    Shimano Terez

    Has anyone got any experience with these spin rods, the seem to be good quality?

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    Re: Shimano Terez

    I was looking at those as well.
    But there were a few models. I became confused.
    A dude at BCF told me that braid was more important than rod type, as "braid doubles your casting distance"
    So no, I did not buy one or suss them out properly.
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    Re: Shimano Terez

    They are very nice bits of kit. Have used a couple of them. Strong as anything.
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    Re: Shimano Terez

    Yeah nice, it's to use with a Stella 8000, still deciding how heavy to go with the rod.

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    Re: Shimano Terez

    My neighbour has one, the 40-80lb 7ft one piece fitted with a Saragosa 14000 for memory. He has caught all sorts of fish on it including cobia to 20kg, marlin to 35kg, big cod, snapper etc. It's a fairly stiff action but a good allround bottom basher and trolling outfit.
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    Re: Shimano Terez

    I have one in a "15-40lb" mated to a 6000 Stradic. Great for the shallower reefs and a great action, but I'd go heavier if you wanted to target larger fish ~10kg+. You can get a 30-50lb which may be more on the money. Sure the LB rating is probably the breaking capacity of the rod, but with the relatively light action (for the 15-40 anyway) I can be pretty confident in saying you wouldn't be able to put a lot of hurt on a 40lb fish... But then again maybe I'm being a wuss and not loading up the rod anymore after it's doubled over on itself... Don't get me wrong I love the rod and would say it's perfect for agressive reefies (trout,etc) up to and around 5kg which is virtually all I target. Give the 30-50lb a test at your local shop.

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    Re: Shimano Terez

    I just bought a 40-80lb overhead and im looking forward to giving it a good workout up at the swains next week!

    They are nice looking rods, thats for sure

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    Re: Shimano Terez

    they look the goods for sure.. im getting one very soon

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    Re: Shimano Terez

    got a med/light great for tossing rapalas and will chuck out 100g lures easy matched to 4500 daiwa phantom 30lb braid love it.

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