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Thread: Pics From Last Trip Working

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    Re: Pics From Last Trip Working

    Quote Originally Posted by SwainsFisho View Post
    As for the packing of the fish upside down. We usually start the first layer upright, and stack upside down after that as it helps to retain the natural juices of the fish, so they don't escape out the poo shoot.

    on top of that, poo can fetch good $ per kg if you can keep it in there
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    Re: Pics From Last Trip Working

    Hey Cuzza,

    Just got back from another trip, thats why I didn't reply, thankfully a lot shorter at 14days. If you look closely at that pic it is actually a fish spike weaved in beneath the skin like a sewing needle. Also thankfully, that was the other deckys leg not mine ;-)


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    Re: Pics From Last Trip Working

    Nice fish there , well done - Some people pay good money for bits of body jewellery like that - cann't see that he should have had anything to complain about (ouch).
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