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    Thumbs down Sad Story...

    Just thought I would share this story.......

    Not sure how many of you have heard about it. Absolutely sickening.

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    Re: Sad Story...

    I posted about this earlier this week mate its sickening and ties in with the hole netting debate.. its my home town
    dont knock on deaths door... ring the doorbell and run... death hates that!!

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    dont knock on deaths door... ring the doorbell and run... death hates that!!

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    Re: Sad Story...

    so then, where exactly in that article does it say that a pro definately netted them, and was responsible for dumping them? I read it as being possible a pro had nothing to do with it at all, are they Yellowfin Bream (Acanthopagrus Australis), or Black Bream (Acanthopagrus Butcheri)?

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    Re: Sad Story...

    “While I accept that these mutilated bream may have been taken by illegal, unlicensed netters, I would ask one obvious question: if they'd already broken that many laws, why would they even bother discarding these undersized fish?

    “Why wouldn't they just process them with the rest of their illicit haul?

    “This reeks to me of a catch intended for sale through a co-op.”

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    Re: Sad Story...

    So... is that some sort of an explanation? also not 100% how an unlicensed person was going to sell anything through a Co-op?

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    Re: Sad Story...

    Exactly Noel... my point, and the point of the comment..

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    Re: Sad Story...

    The point is, there is no mention that indeed the fish were netted at all, and not clear if it was from the area, the fish were simply dumped, by who and where and how theyw ere caught is entirely open to guesses, but we might as well just label the disgrace as being a pro with a net! even though we dont know.

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    Re: Sad Story...

    Certainly a comprehensive article...personally I liked the part where the commercial fisher proferred that, in his opinion some commercial licence holders would be favourable to an equitable buy-back, and I agree with his further comment that we NSW rec licence holders should be expecting, nay demanding, to see more buy-backs from these folk.

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    Re: Sad Story...

    As Noelm pointed out, while there is a lot of finger pointing going on here, it isn't clear who is responsible for this tragedy. I have no problem myself with pro fishing/netting where it is legal, although I know a lot disagree with me here, I feel if they are licensed and following the rules, they have as much right to be somewhere as the recreational guy. In cases where there is evidence to show it is unsustainable, I also support the buy-back scheme of licenses.

    I think the real issue in this particular article (without tying it in to the netting debacle), is that 'someone' has needlessly killed dozens of undersized fish, which hurts everyone both commercially and recreationally. Not to mention gives the greens out there more ammunition against us fishos in general.

    I hope they find those responsible and punish them accordingly. (Cut in half and left on the bottom of the ocean )


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    Re: Sad Story...

    Also to the mods:

    Sorry for originally posting this thread in the wrong section.

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