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Thread: Goanna Headland

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    Goanna Headland

    Hey all,

    just wondering if anyone can tell me if I can spear Goanna Headland (i think thats the correct name) south of Evans Head?

    if so what are your experiences?


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    Re: Goanna Headland

    i just looked on the nsw dpi fisheries site and can't find any exclusions for goanna headland so if i am missing something and you guys know anything pls reply back. i dont want to get into hot water!

    cheers , joe

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    Re: Goanna Headland

    ok folks i just recieved the good news from a nsw fisheries officer who told me that goanna headland is all good to go for a dive.
    just thought some of you might want to know.
    btw he said that they are thinking of reducing the bag limit for mulloway to 1!
    anyone else heard this ?
    cheers joe

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