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    Starting spearfishing and gear

    I'm looking to start spearfishing, does anyone have any equipment for sale? Or suggestions for equipment models (guns, wetsuit, etc) worth looking at? Thanks

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    Re: Starting spearfishing and gear

    I speared years ago, best thing is to buy a good gun that suits your purpose, so for shallow reefs i had a ra 1.2 rail gun but get the gun to suit you, it wouldn't be a great open water gun for example. Best thing would be to find a club or good store and ask heaps of questions.


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    Re: Starting spearfishing and gear

    What's your location? Might be people around who can take you out & have spare gear.
    If your up FNQ u could come out with me.

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    Re: Starting spearfishing and gear

    I'm in Brisbane, was looking to start heading out in Moreton Bay. I'll have to see if there's some clubs around that I could join. I have a boat, just need to get started.

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    Re: Starting spearfishing and gear

    Mate depends on the type of spearing you wish to do, its much like fishing with different length guns for different purposes. A good rail gun around 1200 is a good start and can be used on the reef and the coast. But you'll soon want a longer 1400 if you get out in that clean water off moreton. Go into adrenalin mate on deshion street near the GABA they will help you out. As for guns I love my Aimrites the trigger mecs are bullet proof. Same mech on there cheap models. Can't go wrong with a rob Allen either. Good luck with your choice it's a great sport.

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    Re: Starting spearfishing and gear

    Joining a local club is the best thing you can do. There's a hell of a lot of local spearo's up that way that should be able to point you in the right direction.
    Jump on and sign up. There's plenty of info regarding local clubs and a spearing-specific classifieds section.

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    Re: Starting spearfishing and gear

    other question is... how much you wanna spend on your gear?

    My first gun was an undersee. I paid about $100 for it from the manufacturer in Brookie.. I'd suggest starting cheap - get a feel for it and see what you wanna do (ie how big a fish you're keen on hanging on to)..

    you already got other stuff? float / line and wettie?

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    Re: Starting spearfishing and gear

    This sounds like fun.
    I am in for sure.
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