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    Tilapia and Sooty Grunter

    Hey guys,

    Before I try to get a barra on fly I need to blow out the cobwebs, Tinaroo has stacks of Tilapia (unfortunately) and some other fish like Sootys, anyone ever tried to get Tilapia on fly? I'm thinking maybe a bread imitation pattern? At night the Tilapia come into the shallows to hide, so probably a surface type pattern would be best, or one that sits part in and out (can't remember the term, it's been too long!)

    PB List
    Largemouth Nannygai (Saddletail Seaperch): 92.5cm.
    Mangrove Jack (Reef Jack): 73.5cm (aiming for 90cm).
    Spanish Mackerel: about 5'6" (Aiming for 6' - I'll start measuring them).
    Red Emporer: about 4.5kg (tiny) length not measured.
    Fingermark: 62cm (thanks Bunny!).
    Cobia: 103cm.
    Barra: 111cm.
    Courses: Ryan Moody - Barra Basics; Wonky Holes; Thready Tactics. Recommended products Troll Pro; Action Disc; Lethal Lures; Garmin 95sv;

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    Re: Tilapia and Sooty Grunter

    I've caught a few Tilapia down the Mulgrave on little Crazy Charlies.

    Sooties go well on Gurglers and clousers (just about anything will eat a clouser). Good luck.


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