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    scanning those old 35 mm slides

    Hi guys,
    I just found a way to scan those old slides using a flatbed scanner.
    It works perfectly....
    here's the link, you just have to make this simple thing out of a sheet of paper.

    here's an example....
    You don't need to buy one of those slide scanners for $50 to $200.

    There must be some great old fish slides about.

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    Re: scanning those old 35 mm slides

    To digitise those old 35mm prints best way I've found is at office works. They have a brilliant scanner setup that sheet feeds 20 at a time. Easily fit 80 prints to a disc for about $7. Make sure you select the proof sheet as well for about 70 cents so you have a thumbnail record of what's on each disc. Also make sure you sort and orientate them before you stick them in the sheet feeder so less work to do on the computer compiling your folders.
    Cheers Rob

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