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    Fingermark & Grunter


    Went Fishing down Shute Harbour with my partner,daughter and the in-laws on friday night,Wind was a bit blowy but we were getting some pretty decent bites.We had got some herring and kept them alive in our floating bait basket.After my rod screamed and about a 4 min fight i brought up my 49cm Grunter.About 10 mins later my father in law's rod screamed and he brought up a 53cm fingermark.kept catching little GTs and other little fingermark for the rest of the night.

    Both fish were caught with live herring for bait.

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    Re: Fingermark & Grunter

    Nice fish. Well done Becka.
    Cheers, Doug.
    Love to use Preditek or Kingfisher lures or Viva Lures when I am out fishing.

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