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Thread: BCF I'm over it

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    For decades I took my trade to the small private shops around the place that existed before BCF appeared.
    I would visit several times a week for a chat and a coffee and place an order for things I wanted. It did not matter this gear was not on the shelf, why should I expect a mum and dad store to predict my future wants and desires and have it sitting on the shelf for me??

    A month ago I ordered some items through my local BCF and it took about ten days for the gear to arrive. I picked up the gear and went home only to realise that one of the crucial items was not correct. I took it back and the manager unpacked a brand new complete setup and put the correct gear in my hands and apologised for the mistake.
    As for stocks held in the shops, very little is of interest to me.

    If they want to satisfy the average occasional fisher Joe and his kids, BCF is the perfect business model. For serious fisho's though it leaves lots to be desired.

    The big pity is they are now more numerous than the old mum and dad shops ever were and carry a range that does not suit me. All of those small shops died out from the competition BCF offered, but the quality service the small shops provided was much more valuable than the massive stocks of the big chain to me.

    Also of interest is the rest of the shops that come under the SRG banner.......many more than you realise.

    I use BCF now only because it is my local store, If I want exotic tackle i drive further or i go online.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    A kind of funny thing happened to me yesterday at BCF, I go past my local one on my way home, so I thought I would have a look for a rod I am thinking of buying, I entered the store, the guy at he checkout was reading a magazine and appeared to not care if I came in or not, wandered around a bit, without seeing one staff member, made my way to the rod section and started to play around with a Tcurve, one second later a guy was behind me and asked what I wanted, I have no idea where he came from, might have jumped out of an esky for all I know, scared the bejesus out of me! I said, "do you have this model, but in 2 piece?" he looked all dejected and said "nuh" and walked off, I continued to look for the 2 piece version to no avail and simply walked out, I will go to my Tackleworld guy and buy one today.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    My local BCF is Ipswich, they are great, once they have been out of stock of a special, so I made them upgrade me and they did, another time the last reel I wanted was display stock, so they gave me 20% off it.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    I don't like BCF either and that brings me to a question for you guys. I live on the Gold Coast now and I am wondering if you guys know of a Tackle shop with friendly staff and a bit of decent gear?

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    Quote Originally Posted by GCfisherman View Post
    I don't like BCF either and that brings me to a question for you guys. I live on the Gold Coast now and I am wondering if you guys know of a Tackle shop with friendly staff and a bit of decent gear?
    Gold Coast Fishing Tackle.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    I work next to the latest BCF at Macgregor. I have got to know the staff from the old "Rays Outdoor" shop that closed down. They are very helpful and polite. I was one of the first ones in at the opening and was just talking a bit about fishing to one of the staff and he led me over to the reels to show me some new brands that they had; he then wanted me to pick one up to have a closer look. I am a salesman and recognised what was happening. I backed away from the reels and told him that I already had bought one from the Greenslopes BCF the other day. Staff quality varies so if you get a bad one just suck it up and ask for another one. You are not lazy when out fishing why be lazy when you shop. Not every fisherman is as good as the other but we don't bag them.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    I'd like to relate 2 stories re BCF. Firstly i can't deny that I made 2 purchases from BCF (Awning for my challenger and the associated tent). Best 400 i've spent.
    1.Mate went for a job interview with BCF and he is seriously into boating, camping and fishing. As far as they were concerned he wasn't clean cut enough. Tatts.
    2. I go to PNG (West New Britain) regularly chasing Black Bass and sometimes guiding for my mates guests. Anyway, I was in a BCF store checking out some lures when a young fellow asked if i needed help. Thanks but all good. He asks where i'm fishing and i explained about PNG. His reaction then was to point at a lure and claim that would be a good one. Why I ask. Because it's blue was his reply. True story.
    Now i usually go to the Tackle warehouse in Coorparoo.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    Youngy is good at BCF Labrador but for all round local knowledge and quality service, as Muddy Toes said, Kevvy and Raff at Gold Coast Fishing Tackle !!!

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    Hi guys

    Firstly I would like to thank you all for your honest feedback regarding your experiences with BCF good and bad. I work for BCF and apologies if your concerns haven't received an response this really isn't good effort. I will raise this thread with our business.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    So then Scottport.... There is 6 pages to this thread, not all bad mind you, but wouldn't you think that would be enough for someone at BCF to realize there might be big issue with their stores?

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    In a Superstore, I don't expect everyone to be an expert on all products but I do expect, "I'll get John, as he has the best knowledge on this particular product".

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