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Thread: BCF I'm over it

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    bcf at virginia is always very disorganised but the guy who manages the shop is quite helpful and will even match prices for you. its when they do this it really shows how much theyre ripping everybody off

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    I only shop at BCF 'online' where I can choose to have it delivered or pick up from the store. You don't actually have to enter the store that way, just show ID at the checkout and take the items away. Also, you can see if the store has the items in stock if you want to have a look.

    Phill, you really should shop instore ..... they might even have spacers for you at the checkout!

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    tonight on 7 or 9 theres a story on super heap and BCF how he turns over 1 billion a year... i think thats what they said in the add.

    anyway for most of my boating stuff i go to whitworths.... terminal tackle ill go to them, their nerang shop in 1 k away...

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    Unfortunately the BCF business model killed off nearly all of the decent small tackle shops that gave us outstanding service and a reasonable price. The only ones that survived had to chain together for purchasing power under one of the coop groups. Now BCF has market dominance there is minimal places left that are the good old type outlet.
    I drop into BCF regularly because they are so close to home and I would have to drive nearly three times the distance to the closest smaller operator for a packet of hooks or something......doesn't equate to reasonable cost effectiveness for me. BCF does not tick the boxes for me, their range is lousy, thier prices are less than favorable and the hassles with ordering something at the shop or online is crap.

    If Woolies and Coles was to take up fishing tackle and be in direct competition with BCF maybe then they would offer better service and better range, they don't feel the threat of the remaining independents and cooperatives in thier business to change their services.

    As a result more and more of us buy online and generally from overseas.......the writing is on the wall for the future of retailing in Australia I think.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    My local BCF has been out of all the live bait hooks, trebles and most other regular tackle in sizes I need, for most of 2012. Seriously amazing really. I went in there the other day and everything was in stock!! But I was overcharged. Needless to say I don't care much for BCF.

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    Last few visits to Virginia BCF and they have been very poorly stocked with hooks and sinkers. Hard to believe their head office is almost next door. Their manager (Michael?) is very helpful and so are some of their staff (but unfortunately not all).

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    But no doubt I'll keep going back because they are conveniently close and have a big range of regular gear.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    The Caloundra store here has a pretty knowledgable bunch of staff but they are constantly out of stock. I was chatting with the manager and he told me 3 months ago that they had a new ordering system in place and things would improve.... Seems like they haven't... I am off to USA again next week so will stock up again

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    Been into the canon hill store for a specific item 3 times(catalogue item) and they havent had stock, tip taken to check online now, generally find them expensive for the whole range of stuff anyway so im a very infrequent visitor.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    Seriously not going back to BCF again, online or otherwise. It would take a mighty special to draw me back through the doors, and I'll feel dirty and have to give mysef an uppercut afterwards.

    Nup BCF, never again

    Unless you give me a BCF gift card all cashed up
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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    I dont bother with either of the BCF's closest to me, they run out of stock of anything on special by quiting time for me first day of their sales. I reckon they stock 1 of anything they have on special! Cant be bothered even trying anymore.

    Apart from which their normal prices are getting to pricey.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    a common thread through all of this is that alot of the stores, runout of stock quickly, have none or very little. As the way big companys work is on feed back, you need to complian, if they get enough complaints, things get done, if no one is complianing it stays the same. and not at store level either, ringhead office or email them. you may not get a response but the more they here it the more chance things will get done. do it and make them change for us.
    imagine the shock at head office tomorrow morning when they walk in to check the emails to 50 responses saying that they are sick of understocked stores, it will be talked about.

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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    Shopping at BCF is like eating at McDonalds.
    Everybody does it, most do not want to admit it.

    It is a supermarket. Any helpful personal service is a bonus.
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    Re: BCF I'm over it

    Quote Originally Posted by FatBuoy View Post
    Shopping at BCF is like eating at McDonalds.
    Everybody does it, most do not want to admit it.

    It is a supermarket. Any helpful personal service is a bonus.
    At least Maccas dont constantly run out of stock.

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    You've got the process wrong. Go to the reels in the case. The ones that cost in the thousands and stare at them very carefully. At this point. Some idiot who works there will see you and think aha! Sale! When he comes on over. Grab him and ask him where the stuff is you really want. And don't let him go until you have everything. Like most salesman. They aren't interested in the little sales. They want to be able to say they sold the big one!

    They can be considerably useless though. Tackle Wold is the go! I had a Bcf voucher but I wanted to buy at tackle world. They gave me a card with a good price on it and said go there with this and they will match it. How good service is that! I went back after getting the reel at Bcf and bought a rod from the tackle world.

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