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    So having a look at some mods I could do the the back of my half cab I turned the wheel to see what clearance I had and snap went the hydraulic hose (thank god it happened at home). So I've taken the old hose out, put the new in and spun the wheel so all the old fluid is out. I've got a rough idea of that I'm doing but Murphys law says anything that can go wrong will so has anyone done this before that can give any advise that will hold off the frustration?

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    Re: Hydraulics

    Should be able to download the instructions off the net if your lucky, I did for mine recently for the bleeding process

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    Re: Hydraulics

    Recheck all your connections after bleeding, don't over torque them!

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    Re: Hydraulics

    Turn the engine so as you only bleed the hose and not the ram, same for the other side... if you don't understand that.. get someone to show you
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