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Thread: Tangler Bin

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    Tangler Bin

    I read on the Courier mail site about a turtle being killed by fishing line.


    In the comments:

    "Fishermen are the worst when it comes to littering. Leaving lines and hooks and bait bags everywhere. They make me sick..I don't know how many times I've seen them catch undersized fish and use them for bait. They throw their rubbish off boats and generally destroy the environment around them with their selfish ways. Fine them big time. Or ban them if they are caught more than once."

    It's a real issue and it has the potential to bite us all.

    Personally I ensure that I leave the bay as I found it... All line off-cuts etc go in the glad bag bin on board.

    There's an idea that's being tried:


    What do you guys reckon?

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    Re: Tangler Bin

    Brilliant idea ... but not needed if WE ALL do the right thing and take our rubbish home. I have seen similar comment in the Rocky Morning Bulletin and agree with them. It's the grubs that give fishos a bad name.

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    Re: Tangler Bin

    True fishos don't do this crap... I have a bucket on board where all my line offcuts (longer than a few inches anyway) will go and make sure all my plastic bags come home with me.. councils will generally have bins etc at boat ramps for dumping this stuff.

    I have to admit when I was a kid I was not so conscientious simply because I was ignorant to the outcomes... but even then I didn't throw plastic bags in the water when I was done...

    Mind you I will still use some small fish as live bait every now and then
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    Re: Tangler Bin

    Not only do true fishos take home all their rubbish, they also clean up after others...

    Last two times I was in the bay I picked up a broken plastic crate (with float still attached) that had come from a professional fishing or crabbing boat, a white bucket and assorted plastic bags.

    All taken back to the bins at Wello Point ramp...

    I hate all of these generalisations.

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