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    mono wrap over thread?

    Iíve been tying fresh and saltwater flies for years, saw the other day a saltwater fly with a mono wrap over the thread, looked like thread protection.
    Just wondering how to do mono wraps over the thread? Iím using hard as nails to protect the thread a bit. Guessing I wrap backwards along the hook towards the eye and then tie off? Any particular tie off knot I should use, or just the standard fly tying finish?

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    Re: mono wrap over thread?

    Hi there nick i just use the invisible thread [ hemline ] for all my flys and to tie it off you just whip finish and finish at the eye,cheers chris.

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    Re: mono wrap over thread?

    ok thanks Chris, it's more for extra protection rather than to be not seen, here's a few offshore flies i just tied up.

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    Re: mono wrap over thread?

    they look the go nick if you real want to protect then some clear epxoy is best devcon, are you sinking them on a sink line or jigging them?

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    Re: mono wrap over thread?

    Just using them as normal bait hooks, just extra attractant for bigger fish (hope the post can still stay in this forum lol, I do flyfish though). I'm using hard as nails, have for years but if devcon is better i'll have a look, thanks.

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    Re: mono wrap over thread?

    I use an old spool of 40lb mono and tie the same knot I use on a snell wrapping the main loop from the eye down over the fly thread then pull the tag line through the wraps and lock it up. Any more than 12 or 13 wraps though and it starts to bind up when you pull through though. Works a treat.
    I realise this is probably useless though without a vid or diagram but I'm far too technologically challenged to make that happen
    Cheers Rob

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