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    Best lines you've heard.

    I'm sure we've all heard the occasional fishing related line that made us chuckle, here are a couple that made me laugh recently.. (not straight at them, I laughed later).

    "Could you just show me the rough area of the wonky hole on a chart so I can see whether I have it in my marks too?"

    "I find that charted wrecks are exactly where they say they are!"

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    Fishing with a mate and the wind blows up beyond the forecast. I turned to him and said, " where did that southerly come from?"... He said, "the south"....

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    He said it don't get any better than this
    in a 25 knot SE 3 meter swell
    Looking at me ?
    Umm ok ?

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    Asked old mate how far to Bulwer in Km's or NM.
    He replied, depends on how long it takes you to get there.

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    I got bitten on the finger by a Tailor a while back on the wall and some smartarse says" I heard the tailor have been biting lately"

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    From my missus on my ability to not catch anything edible "if we were relying on you for food we would of starved weeks ago!"

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    The nephew was spewing his guts up so we tells him eating more ham, mustard and salad rolls will settle his guts.
    Great burley those rolls. We had a great session.
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    so a guy I know complained that he hasn't had a really good catch in seven years, so I said perhaps they were going to the wrong spots? "Nope, same spots that we used to do well at" was his reply...hmmm the problem is obvious lol.

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    From the Ausfish M&G last year ....

    Wife; "So, I caught all the snapper and pearl perch on my old hand line and Jim was fishing with saltiga this and braid that and caught nothing!".

    Boat Hog; "That's okay 'cos I wan't targeting snapper and pearlies ..... "


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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    A mates car broke down 2 - 3 klm from home, he rang me to come have a look. when I got there I needed a shifter
    He ran home and then returned empty handed asking what size?

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    I had a school kid walk up to me on a train platform and ask what time the 3.50 train gets here?
    Ne permissi illegitimatus carborundi

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    I told my daughter who was 5 at the time, not to go down near the creek. Now this was a dry creek bed with some rather large rocks that housed a number of brown snakes. I caught her just 20 min later heading for the creek, to wich I shouted, " stop, don't go down near the creek". She replied, " it's not a creek daddy, it's just a hole,. Creeks have water in them "

    Can't argue with kid lodgic...
    Can someone, anyone please like my facebook page? I need at least 30 likes.... Please

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    I just brought my hand held GPS in case yours shits itself...

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    Heard on the radio when out in the boat. A bloke asked his mate did he have his ears on. The reply was "Yes". The mate replied thats good otherwise your sunglasses would have fallen of your head.

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    Re: Best lines you've heard.

    many years ago my niece who was about 3 got stuck into eat beetroot during Christmas dinner.
    Her aunty (my other sister) says "she must be lacking in something" to which my brother replies "Yeah. Beetroot"
    I intend on living far so good

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