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    Recreational long-lining

    Some of you may be surprised to hear that recreational fishers can set long-lines in New Zealand. I was over there for X-mass holidays and an old mate from years back took me out for a crack at long-lining. You couldn't call it sport fishing but it sure is a quick and efficient way to get a feed. The whole thing took about 3 hours from setting up the lines, launch, 15minute steam to the grounds, set the lines, wait for an hour, haul them in, head back, wash up and fillet the fish. The rules are: one long-line per person with max 25 hooks, maximum two long-lines per boat. Bag limit is 9 snapper per person. Whilst giving the long-line time to do its thing we moved over to some rocks and I dropped a couple of $45 combo rod & reel lines over the side and caught 2 snapper, said to mate “Not going to drop a line over”……”Nah I got 25 ‘people’ fishing for me just over there, don't like rod fishing”. Nothing much in terms of size but 9 of us managed a nice feed of fresh fish that night. Haul for the day was 10 snapper (7 on the long-lines and 2 on the rods) and one gurnard.

    Big difference in the rules between NZ and here eh bro’s.


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    Re: Recreational long-lining

    Would be great if you could do that in QLD. Im from Christchurch and we used to do this sort of thing all the time. Made going fishing worth while if ya know what i mean, always came home with a feed.
    Great catch by the way

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