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Thread: Gear for Carp

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    Gear for Carp

    Having never fly fished before, aside from having a crack at casting, I'm looking at having a go at the carp which are plentiful out here. River is clear at the moment and fishing well for yellowbelly and cod on spinners and hardbodies, but once it dirties up again I was thinking fly fishing for the surface feeding carp may be worth a go.
    Wondering if anyone has had much of a go at this (is it worth it?), and what sort of gear would be ideal for this to start off with - weight, brand, line type etc. Not too worried about the budget.

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    Re: Gear for Carp

    hey Don,

    flyfishing is great for carp, try small bait fish style flies, in the ACT and NSW someone tied up a goldfish pattern that works very well. 7wt should be enough for most fish but there are some monster carp in some places. I'd go a floating line as most lakes/rivers have structure below that you don't want your fly line sinking around, next line I'd buy would be an intermediate sinker. Oh just read the surface feeding bit, try to see what they're eating and get a fly to match, bread flies can work well if you use a bread burley too.

    Absolute best thing you could do though is join a local fly fishing club and get some casting lessons and try a heap of different rods until you find one you like. A good cost and performance rod I found was an Albright rod from the USA, also innovation make good cheap rods, upgrade to a loomis or sage later.

    All the best.

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