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    SEQ Spearfishing boundaries?

    Trying to find out the boundary limits in the local waterways as to how far in an around I can spear (and bowfish as its the same boundary laws). Qld dpi state to look at 2008 legislation but it won't open the PDF for me. Does anyone have a map image of the zones that are allowed to spear in? I am aware of Gold Coast seaway and tanga wrecks etc just want precise limits as no freshwater spearing allowed and some spots I want to try are brackish water.

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    Re: SEQ Spearfishing boundaries?

    Anyone have any info or links to find this out? In qld bowfishing is classified under spearfishing regs but want to know legalities of bowfishing on public land but into legal spearfishing waterways?

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    Re: SEQ Spearfishing boundaries?

    Try this
    This link was working for me. Not sure if this is it?

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    Re: SEQ Spearfishing boundaries?

    Thanks fish bait but have read all that and this is where I need clarifying -

    Note: For precise boundaries consult the Fisheries Regulation 2008 at
    - some areas are marked by an SFB sign. Other local, state and federal regulations may also apply—check with the relevant authority.

    Who is the relevant authority? Isn't it fisheries? I can't find any maps or details of the actual boundaries of what they class as tidal waters limits to fresh in seq in the 2008 regulation? Example - how far up is it tidal in tingalpa creek? The reservoir wall?

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