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    Smile Boat Esky - Yeti Tundra or Chilly Chest

    Hi all, has anyone purchased one of the above boat eskies in any size, would like to know your opinions on construction, quality, ice retention, etc. before parting with $. Looking at the 398l Yeti Tundra or the 400l Chilly Chest. Tropical do not make the big one any more!
    Big price difference on these two coolers.

    Cheers Don.

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    Re: Boat Esky - Yeti Tundra or Chilly Chest

    Hey Don, mate haven't had anything to do with either of those brands but have a 200l techniice and can't rave about it enough for value for money and ice retention. It's as good as my 100l tropical and was cheaper. They make them up to 1000l. you won't be disappointed. Google reviews on them. Food for thought anyway.

    Cheers JB

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    Re: Boat Esky - Yeti Tundra or Chilly Chest

    I am the same as JB on this one. The Techni Ice are great. They do some awesome combination packages as well.
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    Re: Boat Esky - Yeti Tundra or Chilly Chest

    There's a few threads on Yeti coolers on The Hull Truth website.I think there made in the US.
    I've got a few Techni Ice coolers,cant beat them for the price.

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    Re: Boat Esky - Yeti Tundra or Chilly Chest

    yeah techni ice vote here also

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    Techno ice vote here. I have 3. 70L long for the crabbing boat. 80L for drinks at camp. And 120L for food at camp.
    Just bought a fridge to freeze meats / fish etc.

    Cheap Eskies. That can take a beating and still look good. Ice retention is fantastic over 7 days most trips. You will not be disappointed.
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    Re: Boat Esky - Yeti Tundra or Chilly Chest

    I run a 150l Techni Ice. It has performed well. they have a commercial range with thicker insulation
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    Re: Boat Esky - Yeti Tundra or Chilly Chest

    Thanks guys for your replies, I will check all three eskies out and decide. Let you know which one.

    Cheers Don

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    Re: Boat Esky - Yeti Tundra or Chilly Chest

    Techni-Ice for me also. I had a big Everkool IceMate and a smaller Everkool IceKool and was extremely disappointed by both of them. Have had the Techni-Ice for a few months and it seems the ducks guts to me.


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