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    Northwest Island Spearfishing

    Hi guys, I have just returned from a 2 and a half week stay on Northwest Island and here are a few spearfishing photos from the trip and the surrounding waters. I only used my Riffe Euro 110 for the trip and left the rod and reel at home which was a nice change.

    Was fantastic to be diving every day with a coral trout bagout on Christmas Day extra special.

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    Re: Northwest Island Spearfishing

    Looks like a fantastic trip. Would like to take my kids there one day, long drive from tassie though. Out of interest how far from mainland is the island and where do you launch from

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    Re: Northwest Island Spearfishing

    A few more photos....
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    Re: Northwest Island Spearfishing

    Rob, you launch from Gladstone and it is 75 kms north north-east from there. Barge normally takes 6 hours, but he did it in 5 on the way back.

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    Re: Northwest Island Spearfishing

    Magic place and even better with the family. My spearfishing exploits
    On NW havnt been anything as good as that. Was it all from the shore or did you take your tinny?
    I plan to take the family up there next year in the big boat for a week or so.
    It is one of the most magical places on earth.

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    Re: Northwest Island Spearfishing


    I didnt take a boat this time so the first half of my trip I was land based and caught half the fish pictured. second half of the trip I was getting some boat rides off other spearos.

    We're booked to go back in September/October for 16 nights and I will drive the Kevlacat out there.


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    Re: Northwest Island Spearfishing

    Talk about doin it tough!! What an awesome looking place. I think some investigation is necessary by myself. Thanks for posting. Ben

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