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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    Where do I start!

    After, 100 odd text messages, PM's, Emails, phone calls, and a planning meeting, boat loading, unloading and re-loading we were finally ready for the Ausfish Hervey Bay M&G.

    So, thursday morning bright and early saw Murf, the Magic Deckie, and I heading north bound for Urangan Boat Harbour, Hervey Bay. Black Magic, a Seaswirl Striper 2101 WA in tow.

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    A mere 9 hours later, we arrived and started the process of fueling up, getting bait and ice and prepping the boat to hit the water. We logged on with VMR 466 Hervey Bay and headed out of the Boat Harbour. Holy theme park ride, there was a northerly screeming down the bay and the sea state was less than favourable. To make matters worse the Simrads were playing up after downloading a software upgrade. One wasn't recognising the thru hull sounder and the other wasn't talking to the radar. Ohh well, between going up and down like a yoyo in the sloppy waves we managed to get enough info on the screens to get underway. Maybe should've stayed at the ramp and waited for the prawns to arrive.

    Dusk, saw us anchored at Rooney's Point having dinner and a few drinks while catching Yakkas that were hanging around the boat. The wind had dropped and the anchorage was calm.

    Dawn saw us top up the fuel tank with 60 L from the Jerry cans and head out to a bait mark, but all we caught there was baby squire (who's mark was that Murf?). We got out of there and trolled some lures around the edge of the green zone at Roonies for no takers.

    A decision was made to head out through the 4 Mile Crossing of Breaksea Spit, even though we were now well into the run out tide. So we get there, log on with VMR and find that the "starter marks" we had for the crossing were a little out. It was a case of picking the deeper water and avoiding the breaking waves. A bit of spray over the top of the boat, but all in all not too bad.

    We went to some marks out from the 4 Mile and started doing drifts and trying for some Reef Fish. We'll the fish weren't playing the game and we were losing bucket loads of tackle on the prickly bottom. If we did hook something decent the sharks were getting it!

    After a couple of hours I asked Murf if he was concerned about our fuel usage. He looked at the guage which read 270 Litres and said that it was good considering we had only used 30 Litres. I reminded him that it was a 400 Litre tank that was full in the morning! It seems that the Verado really chews the fuel if it is below 18 Knots (like trolling or bashing through sloppy seas at 12 -14 Knots). We stopped fishing and headed back through the 4 Mile to Sandy Cape where we anchored and had some lunch.

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ID:	86581 Murf the Magic Deckie contemplating the long paddle home if we run out of fuel.

    After Lunch we hiked back to Urangan Boat Harbour at warp speed to refuel. A mere 130 Km round trip there and back to Rooney's Point.

    Arriving at Rooney's we were greeted with the sight of a massed armada of Ausfish Boats! We came alongside a raft up of fine looking fibregalss fishing machines and tied up to Gina Marie. Well, well, Gina Marie was crewed by the Wallay Front Row! Ohh, hang on no, its Bull1, Cobiaman and Horse. We unburden our woes of electronic disfunction, no fish and humungous fuel consumption issues. Cobiaman, very sympathetic of our plight, gestures to all those around and states "Everyone here caught Marlin!". Very comforting words - thanks Graham.

    Soon enough, a couple of the plate boats left 'tin can alley' and joined the fortress of floating fibreglass as it dragged anchor away from the spit. All up a great evening was had, with many a tale of fish landed and experiences had.

    Murf and I up anchored early the next day and headed back across the 4 Mile to do battle with some Wahoo at a mark given to us by Marvin. Well, you know it's a good day when you've landed 3 Wahoo by 7.00 am! Thanks Marvin! My First Wahoo and 2 (the smaller 2) caught by Murf.

    With fish in the tub we headed off for a day of bottom bashing and ended up with a healty tally of Maori Cod, Tusk Fish, Red Throat Emperor and a Coronation Trout. Late in the afternoon we were joined by Beeracuda (2IC and Tropicrows) and The boat formerly known as Dimples? (Fishfeeder and Tangles). at 4.30 pm (well, it was actually 4.34 pm but someone had to have on last drift?!) we headed off in convoy following Beeracuda across the 13 Mile crossing and back to Rooney's Point.

    We arrived at Rooneys Point and there was not one Ausfish boat in sight. Where was everyone?! Unable to raise any other M&Gers on the radio we decided to raft up together at Rooney's. An enjoyable evening was had with drinks, food and tales shared.

    The morning saw us heading back to Urangan and then on to the Trailers. Robtar was at the ramp for a catch up. We loaded the boat, topped up the ice and said farewell to Hervey Bay and the other stayers from the M&G.

    A mere 9 hours later, we arrived back at Coffs Harbour! Murf, the Magic Deckie, said he'd take care of the fish, seeing how I was going to be cleaning the boat at my place!

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ID:	86580 Tub of Reef Fish and Wahoo (the Hoo look a bit battered from the trip home in the ice slurry, rubbing up next to the scaly reef fish).

    I arrived home to find that my wife was sick and needed to go to the doctors the next day, the dog was crook too and had been to the vet but needed to go back to the vets. Also, while away, the Mother In Law appeard to have moved in. So a busy monday was spent driving the wife to the doctor, dog to the vet, Mother in Law home and then cleaning the boat. Murf dropped off the fish, all filleted and vac packed.

    A tanker load of fuel, 23 Hours on the Verado! What a weekend! What a Meet and Greet! What are we doing next!!!


    A big shout out to the following people:

    Murf, the Magic Deckie. Constantly hosing the deck clean, bleeding and icing the fish, keeping everything clean and tidy. Chasing up GPS Marks and information and being gerneral allround good company. Top effort, you are always welcome aboard Black Magic.

    Horse and Chong. Big thanks for suggesting, organising and advising on this M&G.

    Lucky Phill. For all your information and advise on the Bay and it's fishing reports, general knowledge and boating conditions.

    Marvin. For all your advice on the Breaksea area, GPS Marks, tips and tricks. You are a very generous man. Thank you.

    VMR 466 Marince Rescue Hervey Bay. Thanks for your radio coverage and weather reports.

    Everyone that Attended the M&G! Yes, all those that attended, those that wanted to go but couldn't due to other commitments and all those Ausfisher out there who have read these reports and wished they could have been there. Thank you guys and girls! You are the people who make Ausfish the great place it is!!

    Until next time ..... Black Magic Out.

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    haven't heard from nigel, errr robtarr yet. hope he tells the story of why i got his name wrong
    fishing's as simple as 3 P's - patience, perserverance and PLASTIC!

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    ok not stuffing around now . i need a deckie that can identify fish .
    there is an upgrade on my catch for the weekend . you will all be filled in soon as perry stops laughing .

    thanks in advance for that perry

    i'm too devistated and dumb to say what it was

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    What a fantastic trip with a fantastic bunch of like minded fellas. I would like to thank kev & Wayne for all the advice and the lures and teaser we used on the trip. A big thanks to Dave for guiding us around and taking us to his fishing spots. To Graeme and Neil thanks for jumping on board for the trip. I don't know if I mentioned it on Friday but I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out.

    We all hoped we might catch a Marlin but for all of us to hook up and land at least 1 of them made the raft up on Friday night very memorable with plenty of story's and accounts of the days activities and a few fizzy brown cordials consumed. As Graeme and Neil mentioned we got a nice feed of reefies and with Neil catching his stonka of a green Job fish made our esky look very respectable. I thought he was no show when it first took off.
    We worked our way home back through the bay catching Spotties and Mac Tuna. I don't think the trip could of been better.

    Thanks to all the guys who attended and made this trip the cracka that it was.

    Cheers Brett

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    I wonder if Anthony is going to run out of dislikes?

    How many do you get anyway?

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    Awww chin up Anthony, there'll be other times. Soembody's got to work.

    Doesn't matter that you missed a ball tearer event.


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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    Boat Hog another BIG thank you for the invite and hospitality on board the Floating Palace Black Magic, its the biggest fiberglass esky I have ever seen with what seemed like an endless supply of food coming out of the front cab

    This trip was nothing short of an epic long distance endurance event and Jim I reckon would have callouses on his hands from working the steering wheels on the Cruiser and Striper

    on the first day I was shattered that we could not get the fish to chew (never had that happen before off Fraser Is) and the few fish that were being hooked were quickly sharked as soon as you got them off the bottom sharks were even fighting over a floating Trigger fish Great underwater pics of the sharks too ReefMaster.
    My jaw hit the ground when Jim pointed out the fuel usage as I was just starting to work out the boat and the drifts and was on a high with that ever present anticipation of what fish you can pull up from the spectacular waters around Fraser. I just felt so deflated and sorry for Jim after all the hard work he put in getting there and not a single fish in the ice box. Lesson learnt, a regroup of thoughts in the tranquility down the front of the light house and back to business at hand

    how good was it that night with the raft up catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, to say there was a buzz in the air as everyone told and re-told their stories of the days adventures would be an understatement, a bit of friendly banter was shouted around between the recycled beer cans and the plastic boats making for a very enjoyable evening, oh and the King Island Rib Eye went down a treat to Jim

    so a big thank you to everyone who put in the effort to make this a great M&G no names but you know who you are and what you have done

    I am now thinking of the next trip to Fraser haha

    cheers Murf

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    Sorry for the late post my boat is ANGER MANAGEMENT , I was unaware of the m&g and only found out about it on the radio out there because i have not been on this site much lately , we fished friday afternoon , saturday , and sunday morning, a big thanks to Kev ( marvin ) for the extra fuel that allowed us to stay another night and fish sunday morning CONGRATULATIONS to your young bloke on his first marlin that must have been a real special moment for you mate , for those interested our stats for the trip were friday after a late start 3.2.2 blacks and a 15kg cabia , saturday 21.15.10 black marlin and a 10kg dollie and a sailfish . sunday morning 6.3.3 black marlin and 1 sailfish what a trip .
    CHAMELION thanks for the compliment on the boat mate and all is fine we were just stopped to swap drivers .
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    Attachment 86596Attachment 86594Attachment 86595
    quote of the day ( guns don`t kill people fathers with pretty daughters do ) !!:wink:

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    Quote Originally Posted by Humdinger View Post
    ok not stuffing around now . i need a deckie that can identify fish .
    there is an upgrade on my catch for the weekend . you will all be filled in soon as perry stops laughing .

    thanks in advance for that perry

    i'm too devistated and dumb to say what it was
    Fill us in Perry, come on spill your guts!!!!!

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    Quote Originally Posted by murf View Post

    King Island Rib Eye

    OH NO ! Please edit that out Murf. Its hard enough reading all these reports without thinking about you munching away on some of the best steak know to man.

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    Just had a read through everyone’s reports from the weekend. Looks like we smashed it as an Ausfish collective with billfish, macks, assorted reefies and a few reds for good measure.

    I wasn’t a participant until Monday when I rang Brett (Fishfeeder) to enquire whether he was going. Like everyone he was still hanging out for the forecast but it was obvious the trip was on. I rang a mate Shane who’d recently moved up from Adelaide (yes I do have at least one friend Davo) and then my boss Harald in Adelaide to make up a crew. None of us had fished those waters so we all had a high expectation as you do. They’d both caught plenty of big Whyalla snapper in 20 foot of water so how hard could it be??? I’d filled them in that there were a heap of other boats going so even though we were in unknown waters and a long way out we’d be with others…..famous last words.

    Left Bris Friday afternoon arriving at HB around 7pm. Dropped Shane and Harald off at the Mantra just nearby the ramp and I was happy to catch up with the others in the carpark for a few bevies and bulltish….yeah right…..that was a pretty lonely night guys….. On the way in got a txt from Bull that they were camped at Roonies and should have read the rest of the message that said they were on CH68 and not CH22….duh

    Headed off about 5:30 Sat morning and managed to negotiate our way out into the bay for an easy run across to Roonies……the boys wanted to stop at every bust up on the way but I was keen to get outside. By the time we got to Roonies I think they realized we were a long way from home. Hadn’t been able to raise anyone on the radio and thought it was buggered again - couldn’t log on but luckily spotted a couple of boats running in close to shore heading in my direction so to be safe followed them out through the 4 mile…..then left them in peace thinking they were locals……Bull…..I must have been blind mate. Tried Bull and Fishfeeder numerous times on the radio throughout the day but no joy….after my lonely night in the carpark my deckies had decided I had no friends.

    Having no marks outside and no friends to guide me I took Fishfeeders earlier advice and headed for the nearest contour line, found a show in about 25m and before I could get the deck organized Harald had a nice tuskie and Shane had a couple of kgs of trout flapping about on the floor. The bite didn’t slow all day. Moved out to about 55m for Shane (jammy bastard) to pick up the red. Lost good fish to sharks like everyone but managed to get most past them. Nothing like the billfish to brag about but have to say it was one of the most enjoyable and memorable days I’ve had on the water….pure magic.

    Managed to log onto VMR before I followed our track back through the very shallow 4 mile at about 3ish – my GPS had been playing up a bit so wanted to have plenty of time and light to cross….the esky was now full anyway. Should have seen the looks on the guys faces when I handed each of them their lifejacket and gave Shane the EPIRB to hold….just in case….neither had ever crossed a bar and we’d taken awave over the bow on the run out which had put the wind up them a bit.

    Still no joy finding anyone on the radio and no-one inside Roonies so made the call to head in. Phill must have taken pity on me and decided to say g’day on CH22 so I had at least one friend out there. Caught up with MadMackerel, Phill, netmaker and a heap of Ausfishers back at the ramp. Big thanks to netmaker for looking after my rig for the night…….

    When can we do it again

    Cheers Rob

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    We even tried waving at you and everything...

    Well done on the trip, sounds like you had a great day! We came back through the 4 mile about 500m north of where we came out and there was an actual channel and a much smoother ride...

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    I reckon this trip has been harder to come down from than a week at 1770. I can't wait to get back up there
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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    i wanna go again

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    Re: billfish bliss at hervey bay m&g

    that was gold rob. you had me in stitches at the ramp mate. and then perry going over to your mates and saying: "who the #@%^ is this buddy of yours? he just slipped us a redback to pretend we are your mates..."
    and i must say i was very happy to look after your rig for the night too. the cabin of the cruisecraft was much more comfy than the back deck of the bar crusher. best nights sleep i got up there.
    top effort with your haul going blind too.
    fishing's as simple as 3 P's - patience, perserverance and PLASTIC!

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