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    new to fly fishing

    hi all have a 8wt and was wondering if there is any where to get some casting lession around the gold coast

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    Re: new to fly fishing

    Duncan at Fish Head they are moving back down to the Gold Coast soon

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    Re: new to fly fishing

    Sorry to high jack your thread waterbaby, I cant help you. I just sold my fly rod after it sat in storage for 8 years, only used it once. hope you get more use out of yours.

    aDDer, are they opening another store at the GC or moving down there.
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    Re: new to fly fishing

    They are moving and the new shop should be open in the new yr

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    Re: new to fly fishing

    thanks every one will check them out when they open up

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    Re: new to fly fishing

    Check out the Australian Saltwater Flyfishing forum. I think there are a few guys down that way.

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    Re: new to fly fishing

    Just put in the hours practicing in the park and you'll be pro in no time. Flies would be perfect for chasing GT's in the Seaway.

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