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    Home made leaders

    Hi there,

    I'm new to the forum. I just got some questions about tying my own leaders. I want to go bass fishing and got some problems casting larger flies and poppers properly. So I want to tie a shorter stiffer leader. I got a 7wt 9ft rod. I tried leadercalc but for example the Standart Bass Leader starts at 0.018 but the recomended butt diameter for a 7wt is .022 to.024.

    Anyone got some tips for me? Also where is a good place online to buy the leader material?

    Thx for the help.

    Cheers Manny

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    Re: Home made leaders

    hi there Manny your 7wt will only carry a small fly and if your casting larger flys try slowing your cast down,as for leaders try a 7ft leader 2ft 30lb 2ft of 20lb and 3for of 15lb and use stiff leader material and loop to loop connections and you can try half and half 30lb and 15lb, if your popping dont use fluro carbon it will pull your popper down,and yo can try ebay for online buying,as far as leaders go it about matching your casting skills to you the rod weigh and bulk of fly you want to cast,i hope this helps cheers Chris.

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