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    Bribie Island .... Long weekend

    While I have driven several times on the beach, first time camped at the Bribie beach campsites last weekend.
    Crap weekend (rain) but will do it again.
    Caught several whiting and dart but only 3 fat keepers at around 27-30cm mark on the Sunday.
    I was a bit disappointed at the amount of empty beer bottles around the campsite left by some yobbos. We picked up most but heaps more in the bush in the gully.There was broken bits in the campsite, lucky we didn't step on it. There was also caps, paper, old tent poles and a few other things people could have taken away with them.
    Anyway we had a good break.

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    Re: Bribie Island .... Long weekend

    Whilst a lot of fishermen do the right thing and take out their garbage that they bring in, there are unfortunately a lot of pigs that do not. It has been going on as long as I remember. No matter where you go there is always rubbish that has been left behind.

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    Re: Bribie Island .... Long weekend

    What campsite were you. We usually camp from 46 on and find it very clean most times. Maybe because the toilets are there and the rangers may frequent more. Its a nice spot I reckon and not far to go to get away. Usually do it outside school holidays as we like the peace and quiet.

    Have checked out other sites and found someone's bbq-- a few broken bottles etc -- most are clean and free from rubbish.

    Mrs H

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    Re: Bribie Island .... Long weekend

    Hi mate,

    That really annoy's me, when other campers don't clean up after themselves, before they leave. It doesn't take much to pick up after yourself. We used to camp at Crusoe Island at the pin and found the same thing. Pleased you still had a good break and managed to get a few fish.


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