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Thread: GoPro hero... any good?

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    GoPro hero... any good?

    Just wanted to ask you learned bunch if the Go Pro Hero is any good? I really wanna take it with me when i'm diving, and was wondering if anyone who owns one could give me some feedback. Also, what are the options for mounts if i want to mount it to my gun? does it take a memory card?

    Cheers guys!

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    Re: GoPro hero... any good?


    I would just about take mine shopping mate, I love it that much, I have an 16GB SD card in mine, have had it in the water however only a couple of feet, as for mountings, there is heaps of options, I'm sure you would find something to suit.

    Cheers BINGO (Dave)

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    Re: GoPro hero... any good?

    1st bit of feedback you'll need if you want to use it underwater is you won't be able to use it out of the box! It has focus issues underwater due to the convex lens and you'll need to fit a flat lens as per or other aftermarket equivalent.

    On board audio is pretty average, so if you want to use the camera for decent audio recordings you'll want to buy an external mic. Having said that most people overlay music over videos (particularly fishing videos) so this may not be of concern to you.

    That aside, an awesome little camera. I'd buy another one.

    Use the handle bar mount (or your imagination) to mount it to your speargun. I used the former to secure the camera to the butt of my gun.

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    Re: GoPro hero... any good?

    I use Contour GPS HD and find them pretty good. Probably much of a muchness with the GoPro but I prefer the slim line of the Contour. Not what you asked I know but worth considering.

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    Re: GoPro hero... any good?

    Did anyone upgrade from the GoPro original to the GoPro Hero HD2? If so what did you find the major differences were as there's a marked difference in price, somewhere in the vicinity of $150 difference!

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    Re: GoPro hero... any good?

    There is another one on the aussie market now from Liquid Image.
    These are supposed to be an awesome video camera with full wi-fi options.
    They are around $199 but you do need to purchase the waterproof casing as an optional extra.

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    Re: GoPro hero... any good?

    Hero2 shits all over the Hero in terms of video quality!

    Most of my mates have pop riveted a standard mount on the side of the gun then you can just clip the the camera on and off easily.

    As others have said you will need a flat housing. I have the eyeofmine one which is tested to 60m for 1hr, I recently dropped it to the bottom in 70 metres while fishing and got some awesome footage and no dramas with leaks. I believe go pro now do a dive housing also.


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