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    Beginner diver

    Hey guys, im relatively new to spearfishing, ive been diving about 10 or so times and started out with introductory level equiptment to see if i liked the sport or not... as predicted i absolutely love it! I recently went to my local spearo shop to buy a new gun, and long story short i walked out with a omer cayman hf 110 and new 3mm omer simbiox wetsuit. I was wondering if anyone could let me in on some good diving spots to head to around Sydney with my mate whos at about my level. Water depth of about 3-5m or so would be ideal, and any other tips that you could offer would be awesome so i can move on from my newb stage! hahah Thanks in advance

    Also, im heading down to shell harbour possibly in the next 3 weeks or so... would this be a good destination? anyone been recently?

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    Re: Beginner diver

    Hey dude,

    Where in Sydney you live? I go out every now and then myself.. if you're considering doing it in winter, might need something a little thicker.. Get some lavacore or shark skinz!..

    Western side of Bare Island is good to start off with. You can get plenty of leather jackets / bream and all sorts plus to occasional black fish or kingy..

    Voodoo and Jibbon are tops too.. Can get deep pretty quickly and the in/out spots are hard depending on weather.

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    Re: Beginner diver

    Mate as a former spearo, join a club, the info you'll pick up off experienced divers will give you a massive kickstart. Cheers and happy hunting.

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