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    Silstar Traverse X 10ft

    Hi all

    My beloved 10ft Traverse X snapped its tip off the other day I was just wondering whether anybody knew whether these were still in production or whether a similar rod to it has been built. It had a very fast action and yet was light weight with plenty of power.

    It also had a very interesting design with a cross coiled construction.

    I would like to purchase a replacement rod for it - mainly for rock fishing for kingies and jew.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Silstar Traverse X 10ft

    i am sure i read an article years ago about spinning for longtails and barries with that rod and the author said they were no longer in production. really talked up the rod saying it was sensational value. i looked for them myself but could never find one. there is a recent thread here about a jewie rod that lists a couple of others that would suit.

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    Re: Silstar Traverse X 10ft

    No mate they went out around 15 years ago to my knowledge......I had the 6'6'' O/Head with a Abu7700CL stolen from my car 12-13 years ago and could not get a replacement back then unfortunatly.They were a great rod.......possibly the best Silstar product made even.
    Theres plenty of good rods around now though so replacing it should'nt be to hard.

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    Re: Silstar Traverse X 10ft

    Yea,I have a 12' model. They stopped making them a long time ago. They are great rods and a cut above the other Silstar offerings
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    Re: Silstar Traverse X 10ft

    Hi guys thank you very much for your replies, i will check out the other thread and hunt around for a replacement.


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