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    laydown style rod holders.

    How many of you lot use the laydown style multiple rod holders which slide into your existing rod holders?
    What advantages/disadvantages are you finding with them?
    Are your strike drag settings more crucial ? I seem a bit apprehensive to using them or maybe paranoid of loosing rods out of them.
    What styles of fishing do you use the for.

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    Re: laydown style rod holders.

    I do not think i could live with out mine. They are used mainly for bait fishing Snapper using circle hooks. I find using a long mono leader; a rod with a moderate action; a reel with a smooth drag and this type of rod holder my hook up rate is astounding. We have not lost any rods because of them but generally they are tethered to the boat anyway. The way to use them is simply to do nothing just put your rod in the holder and wait letting the system do all the work. We use only moderate drag settings on the gear we use (enough to set the hook well) and adjust it up if required when we lift the rod from the holder. There would be other applications i am sure especially bait fishing the estuarys. Probably not suitable for live baiting trolling etc.
    Regards to all Dick

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