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    hooks for ganging

    Hey guys
    Can anyone recommend some good hooks for ganging? Ive tried the mustad 4202's but there are too blunt. The gamakatsu's are good but a bit soft. I was told to try the mustad big guns and they are an excellent hook but when i tried to gang them, the hook eye would just break after using the side cutters. Any suggestions?

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    mustard 5/0 7766d I gang them all the time, just twist the eye with plires or side cutters. Only ever had one break off on me and I have done hundreds

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    yep the tarpon 7766 are a great hook to make up gangs using side cutters to open them up

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    True Turn hooks are used by the pros ganged with swivels in between. The shank of the hook as a bend near the eyelet to allow the hooks to lay flat along the bait.
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    Re: hooks for ganging

    I have switched from the Gamakatsu Gangsters (a bit soft) to the Mustad M.T. Point chemically sharpened gang hooks (4202BLN). Similar in appearance to the Gamakatsu, sharp, but a whole lot more robust.

    MT Point.jpg

    I get them here in 4/0 and 5/0;

    Bloody quick service too!


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    Re: hooks for ganging

    I use VMC 9255's

    open them with a side cutter, close with pliers

    open them just enough to fit the next hook, but no more

    really good results for me

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    Thanks guys. I like the mustad 7766 as well but do u find they are also blunt and need sharpening? Very easy to gang an not too rigid once ganged.

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    Last year I made up some gangs using octopus hooks on a short 7 strand leader. I placed short lengths if glow plastic tube between the hook eyes to keep them spread correctly for some and on others I crimped a small crimp just below where I wanted to hook to be. Results were good, easier to bait up with as the hooks are fully mobile, baits sat better on the occy, and the hookup rate was much better possibly due to the occy's being a finer sharper hook. Tailor certainly were not put off by the different type of rig.

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    Thanks daintreeboy. Some good info there

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    Tru-turns or VMC are the best by a country mile.

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    Thanks popgun. Will sus em out

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    I use Tru Turns with a rolling black swivel between them,only tricks to them are getting the right sized swivel as there is no room for error and opening the eyes to a pigtail instead of just spreading it.Best part is the permasteel coating,these things last forever and only rust away if left in fish or the ocean.

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    Use only VMC 9255 O'Shaughnessy hooks.
    The Mustad 4200, 4202 and 7766 hooks are soooo blunt, you have trouble punching them through a Pillie.
    The Gamakatsu hooks are sharp but not strong enough and cost a bomb also.
    The VMC's are sharp as straight out of the box, and are seriously strong too.
    Best part of all, they are cheap to buy.
    They're not available at all stores, but well worth doing a search for.
    You won't go back.

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    Re: hooks for ganging

    VMC if you need strength; I like the Mustad 34007 for it's fine gauge and the fact that it is stainless. Bit more work turning the eyes and opening/closing them but to me the thinner wire and lighter weight makes for a more natural presentation. Loved the sharpness of the Gangsters but too soft IMHO.

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